If you fish in the districts of the RD Straža Sava often,then becoming a member of the family is the right decision. There are no limitations for joining in.

Registration of new members takes place every Thursday afternoon in the family’s headquarters (except on holiday and in vacation time). Please , do come and visit us or call us during our office hours on +386 15 37 58 06

Obligations of the members:

Paying the membership fee and doing 15 working hours. Seriously ill people, people with disabilities and peole older than 63 are working hours-free.

Benefits of the members:

Member who passed the fishing exam has 25 fishing days for salmonids and 40 fishing days for cyprinids (licence to take 5 carps included, any other must be bought). Fisherman without the fishing exam has 40 fishing days for cyprinids and when he/she passes the exam he/she gets additional 25 days for salmonids. Fishermen without fishing exam can fish only accompanied by his/her menthor or in the company of other fisherman, who has already passed the exam.

Juniors have 35 fishing days at their disposal and all the costs for participation in fishing camps covered..Juniors older than 12 can fish for pike in the company of an adult fisherman.

Any member has a right and an obligation to participate in assemblies, in operations of the fishing management as well as to run for any position within the RD.

Membership fee:

  • Juniors: 26 EUR
  • Members: 170 EUR*

*payment of the fee for members is possible in instalments, too